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My Mum and Dad took me on holiday and this year we went to Tunisia. It was very late when we arrived - but I was up early in the morning to look out of our window.
There were lots of young people about my age here - some were older, and there were a few younger too. This is my friend Hannah - she's six, and her sister Emily, who you'll meet later was 9. I was three when this picture was taken.
Every night they did a "mini-disco" for the little ones - and I had to join in. I think I was quite a hit with the men who organised it - they certainly made a fuss of me.
One day we went in a taxi to Hammamet, a bus from Hammamet to Tunis, and then a train from Tunis to Carthage - here I am at the Tophet with some of the old stones they found.
The problem is that the Tophet was an old temple - three thousand years ago, the Carthaginians sacrificed their first born on this stone, and others like it - they chopped them and then burnt them.
One evening we went out to a "folk-lore" night, and I got away from Mum and Dad and got onto the stage with four belly dancers - one of them came to our hotel and she remembered me, and got me up onto the stage to dance with her - I want to be a belly dancer when I grow up...
This is just after midnight - it's just the first of October, and my friend Emily has helped me to get a song to sing at the Karaoke - they asked me how old I was so I said "Three" but Mum said that it was my birthday - so everyone sung "Happy Birthday" to me.
I then got to sing my song - I like "We will rock you" by Queen.

Mud on your face
Big Disgrace
Kicking your can all over the place

We will, we will rock you

We will, we will rock you...

And of course, a birthday wouldn't be complete without a cake - I'd already made friends with the Maitre D' and the Restaurant Manageress - but they surprised me with this cake....