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Christmas 2000

It's Christmas day - and we've been invited to my freind Adrian's house for the day. I hope there are lots of presents for me...
There were lots of presents for me under the tree - Grandma had sent me some; so had Uncle Angus and Auntie Dagmar. Here I am, opening some dress-up jewellery from Grandma.
And here are some coloured pencils - I got all sorts of things. Mum and Dad got me a "chocolate factory", and I made some chocolate hippos and a bar of dark chocolate with white chocolate snakes on it. Uncle Angus and Aunty Dagmar gave me a Jungle Book toy - but I'll wait till I'm home before I play with it - there are lots of little bits in it, and I don't want to lose any.

Adrian gave me a colouring set with paints and pens and all sorts in it, and Grandma found me lots of toys and pens and pencils and things.

One of the ladies that my Mum taught to write web pages this year has knitted me a special doll - if you flip her dress over, she changes her clothes...
And I got a silly hat to wear too - I don't really think it suits me though.
Auntie Jane got me some pink slippers with teddy bears on them - I couldn't wait to try them on....

And of course, the most important thing was dinner with friends and family - both those who were here, and those who were somewhere else.

Finally, here I am, playing with some of the toys I got - thank you to everybody who gave me presents!