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Kos 2008

 When we arrived it was pitch black, we couldn't see the cactuses but they were at the entrance to our hotel.

   We went to Kos Town a lot, this is the main square where we left the bus. This here is Dolphin Square, you can see why from the photo.
On the first day we discovered Christiana's taverna, it's only just down the road from Dolphin Square. We ate there quite a bit. The food was sublime. Mum and Dad both had veal schnitzel a lá cremé.

    This is the chef who made so many lunches very yummy. The lady is his waitress, she was really kind and made a fuss of me.
 Kos was one of the home towns of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. Here is a statue of him teaching some students. My mother says this is a fine example of a university, which is essentially a log with the teacher at one end and the student at the other.  
    It is said that Hippocrates himself sat under this tree. Mum and I decided to get some shade there too. Mum was philosiphising "I drink therefore I am"
 As Mum was philosiphising, I was admiring this artist's work, so much that I absolutely had to take a photo of it. This is a good shady spot for doing many things.  
    As we were walking back towards the square, I saw these beautiful purple flowers. Dad thought this photo would look really good if I included the arch as well.
Sometimes we had breakfast at a café near the harbour. One morning, I looked around (as I always do!) and saw this magnificent tree. I thought that it was amazing, so I took a photo.   
    After a good breakfast, we headed towards this big castle, which was on a cliff. After we had paid to go in and looked about a bit, we saw this cage with some old cannons and different sized cannonballs.

 We were about to walk through an archway, when we saw this plaque. In English (it said underneath the Greek) it says, 'Gate of commander Edoardo di Carmadino (1478)'

   As we carried on with our merry little jaunt, we spotted a greek navy ship, that's what that ship is. I thought it was odd so I took a picture.