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Name Breed
 Sally Mongrel
Duke Labrador/Great Dane Cross 1980(?)-1997
 Jodie Dobermann Pinscher  1985(?)-2000
 Charlie Labrador/Alsatian Cross  1994-2005

No family is complete without its pets - but it's very sad sometimes - Jodie, my Dobermann, died today (28th December 2000) aged at least 15. (She came from the Animal Rescue in 1988 but was a grown up dog then!) Dad says that this is a very good age for a dobermann, but it's still sad. 
This is one of the oldest of the pictures of the family pets that we have - this is Duke and Sally - Sally was my maternal grandparents' dog - although she thought she was Mum's!
Here are three pictures of Duke - I don't really remember him - but he was around for a year after I arrived.
Jodie arrived in 1988 - she was one of my Mum's Christmas presents. Jodie was one of my favourite dog, I really miss her.
And she was quite convinced she was a lap dog - here she is sitting on Jessie's knee (Jessie was my Mum's mum!) and with my Grandad (Dad's Dad!) too.
This is Charlie - he's probably about 12 now.
Another shot of Charlie - he's not too well at this time
- his hip has been giving some serious trouble. Charlie was my long time dog. He was around for most of my life. I was so traumatised by his death, all I could say was "doggie die".