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This October I got my first chance to visit my Grandma - she lives in France and is almost totally blind - this is the first time we've met each other although I often talk to her on the phone.
She was a teacher before she retired to France - here I am reading my book to her!
And here I am drawing on some paper!
Because she is blind, it is not easy for her to get around! I am looking about to help her, and make sure that no cars are coming along the street. You can see that she has a white stick. When she wants to cross the road, she holds it up and the cars stop for her.
Here I was telling Grandma that we had to be careful - there were cars coming. Behind us is the "Maison de la Poste" - the local newsagent's shop. We are on our way to lunch - Dad had booked a table in a nice restaurant in the town - the Table Tartine. I had the French version of cheese on toast - they call it "un croque monsieur" and put ham on it, under the cheese
After lunch we went back to Grandma's house, and then went out to do a bit of shopping at the local supermarket!
Here I am with Grandma again - she and I are talking about what I do at school!
And then a bit more drawing - I like drawing and colouring pictures!

I enjoyed visiting Grandma - and she seemed to enjoy me being there! I hope I can go back to see her again soon!

In France, one of the things that a lot of people do is to sit in a street cafe, and watch the world go by. I decided I'd like to try that, so here I am, surrounded by lots of nice young French men.
Here I am at Bordeaux's main park - the "jardin Publique" - they have a nice area with all sorts of plants in it - I've found a vine tree here - it's symbolic for me, as I go to Vine Tree School. Just behind me is the "Museum d'histoire naturelle" - the local natural history museum - it was interesting, but I wasn't too keen on all the stuffed animals there.
And, when I looked into the vine tree, guess what I found - a bunch of grapes!

Bordeaux is famous for its red wine - I wonder if these might go into one of the bottles that Dad sometimes buys...