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Lesparre 2005

Grandma's 75th Birthday

It was Grandma's 75th Birthday this year so all the immediate family gathered in Lesparre (it's a town about 40 miles northwest of Bordeaux in France) where she lives.

One day while we were there we went to a nearby town on the coast - Soulac sur mer, where Uncle Angus and I went paddling!
I got right into the water and got thoroughly soaked - and had to dry out! My mum is wondering what to do with my wet things! That's Grandma sitting next to her
And here's all the family except for my Dad who took the photo! From left to right, it's me, Mum, Grandma, Uncle Angus and Aunt Dagmar.
We also went to the zoo in Bordeaux. There is a hippo here - if you know me you'll know that I love hippos! This is her pool - it's really quite big! I wonder where she is???
Aaah! There she is!!!
She's really rather beautiful!

She's really rather beautiful!
But with teeth like those, I don't really want to go swimming with her.
There were all sorts of animals at the zoo - the giraffes were both curious and very friendly
...and this one wanted a good scratch on the nose!
The camel seemed to have a bit of a hump on....
And the ostriches were nearly as curious and friendly as the giraffes were!
Can I get that camera???
Now - is a zebra a white animal with black stripes or a black animal with white stripes????
And there were lots of big cats - lions and tigers.
When we got back, I had to show Uncle Angus all the photos I had taken at the zoo...
And I had to look at them too!
Here's Grandma's cat - he's called Pepo
We also went out to the local tower - it's quite old but we weren't sure why they built it.
We also went to Vensac where they dress the village up with models - all sorts of models! We found a photo board and I bullied Uncle Angus into doing it with me!
Indians, horses and what else? I've seen something else!
I never really liked the idea of Calamari!

Mum had to go on a course this summer so Dad took me to Paris again - I got to go to Eurodisney and to go up the Eiffel Tower this time!

The way in....
When Mickeys big hand is on the nine and his little hand is on the ten it is a quarter to ten...
I found some pirates on the pirate ship - they held me by my plait and threatened to cut my throat.
I found a maze with some "Alice in Wonderland" bits - here I am one of the playing cards....

... and here the Red Queen on her throne!

"Off with his head!"

And even a balloon - these hot air balloons were invented in France!